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1100 Words, Week 10, Day 1 | An English Vocab Course

1100 Words, Week 10, Day 1 | An English Vocab Course

1100 Words, Week 10, Day 1 | An English Vocab Course

New Words


Words in Context

Jerry Hart’s Sixth Sense
An uneasy feeling had made Jerry Hart miserable all day long. It was difficult to explain, but the similar sensations in the past had been accurate trouble was on the way. Just as some people can predict the onset of inclement weather because of an aching in their bones, so could Jerry detect incipient* disaster. He sat at his desk, trying to peruse a company report but his efforts were ineffectual.* The gnawing at his insides, the tinge* of uneasiness, the premonition of calamity that besieged* him would not desist. When the phone rang, he recoiled with fear it was his wife and she was hysterical. Their son had been bitten by a mad dog!

Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the following sentences.
1. After being admonished* by his father, he began to peruse the want ads daily.
2. When the black cat crossed her path, Ellen had a premonition of disaster.
3. The pickets promulgated* a warning that they would not desist in their efforts to enhance* their standard of
4. As the snake prepared to strike, the girls recoiled in horror.
5. She blamed her absence from the game on the inclement weather, but we knew that was sour grapes.*


Match the new words with their meanings.
6. inclement :arrow:  unfavorable, stormy
7. peruse :arrow:  read carefully
8. premonition :arrow: forewarning
9. desist :arrow: to cease
10. recoil :arrow: draw back

Today’s Idiom

to pay the piper :arrow: to bear the consequences (from the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin)
The cruel leader was doing well at the present time, but he knew that one day he might have to pay the piper.

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