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1100 Words, Week 19, Day 4 | English Vocabulary

1100 Words, Week 19, Day 4

1100 Words, Week 19, Day 4

New Words

restrictive – balk – blunt – nostalgia – rife

Words in Context

Disappointment and Dedication
When Prince Schubert asked for additional , the people began to balk. Speaking , the young reformer explained the reasons for higher taxes and ; he was blunt when he stated the need for personal sacrifices. Nevertheless, the reform was great, and nostalgia for the “” of King Andre began to grow. The people admitted that graft and corruption had been rife under Andre, but at least “everybody got his .” Although Prince Schubert was tempted to quit, he determined that he would help the people themselves.

Sample Sentences

Don’t pass the buck! Use the new words in the following sentences yourself.
1. The rebel’s innate
hatred of restrictive decrees led him to crave* freedom all the more.
2. caustic* epithets* was directed at the recruit by his blunt sergeant.
3. Although the former farm girl pretended to be urbane*, a feeling of nostalgia always came over her when she heard country
4. Criticism of the author was rife among the coterie* of intellectuals who used to praise him.
5. Jimmy was a lawbreaker, but he would balk at the idea of carrying a lethal* weapon.


Match the new words with their meanings.
6. restrictive ➡ harsh, confining
7. balk (v.) ➡ to refuse to move
8. blunt ➡
9. nostalgia ➡ the past
10. rife ➡ widespread

Today’s Idiom

in trouble
Susan found herself behind the eight ball in chemistry when she failed to do the .

1100 Words, Week 19, Day 4

1100 Words, Week 19, Day 4 to practice English vocabulary for IELTS

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