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1100 Words, Week 20, Day 1 | English Vocabulary

1100 Words, Week 20, Day 1

1100 Words, Week 20, Day 1

New Words

reviled – derogatory – indict – nebulous – pesky

Words in Context

La Cucaracha-the Cockroach
The poor cockroach has been called the “most reviled creature on the face of the earth.” Nobody loves him except, perhaps, another cockroach. Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry are replete* with derogatory references to these ubiquitous* bugs. Public health officials are quick to indict the insects as carriers of viruses that cause yellow fever and polio. Although past evidence has been somewhat nebulous, recent studies also show that an allergy to roaches may contribute significantly to asthma. Little wonder, therefore, that the pesky cockroach is under attack.

Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the following sentences.
1. Because the contract offer was a nebulous one, the union leaders balked* at it.
2. Ezra Pound, the expatriate* poet, was reviled for his pro-Fascist remarks.
3. When the grand jury refused to indict him, the mobster was exonerated.*
4. Every time his accountant called with pesky pecuniary* problems, Ben was very blunt* with him.
5. The columnist was ordered to recant* her derogatory statements.


Match the new words with their meanings.
6. reviled :arrow: scolded
7. derogatory :arrow: belittling, disparaging
8. indict :arrow: accuse
9. nebulous :arrow: unclear, vague
10. pesky :arrow: annoying

Today’s Idiom

Left holding the bag :arrow: to be left to suffer the blame
The profligate* businessman left his distraught* partner holding the bag.

1100 Words, Week 20, Day 1

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1100 Words, Week 20, Day 1 to practice English vocabulary for IELTS

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