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1100 Words, Week 20, Day 4 | English Vocabulary

1100 Words, Week 20, Day 4

1100 Words, Week 20, Day 4

New Words

puissant – unabated – maudlin – levity – lugubrious

Words in Context

Tongue in Cheek?
The U.S. Public Health Service admits to frustration
in its attempts to destroy the cockroach. As soon as the scientists devise a puissant chemical, some bugs succumb.* But the hardy ones survive and breed a resistant strain. Since the average female produces close to three hundred descendants, little hope is held out for a final solution to the roach problem. Nevertheless, extermination campaigns continue unabated. Surprisingly, some sentimental souls become maudlin as they consider the persecution of the insects. A writer noted for his levity made a lugubrious plea for a crash program of aid for the cockroach, calling him “a victim of his slum environment.”

Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the following sentences.
1. She advocated* lugubrious music as appropriate background for the funeral scene.
2. Although the debater’s rebuttal was puissant,  it was totally irrelevant.*
3. The plague continued unabated, and the hapless* Friar John was unable to deliver the note to Romeo.
4. A good barometer* of the reunion’s success was the number of maudlin songs that the alumni sang.
5. Dean Flanigan admonished* us for our levity at the graduation exercises.


Match the new words with their meanings.
6. puissant :arrow: powerful
7. unabated :arrow: without subsiding
8. maudlin :arrow: sentimental
9. levity :arrow: lightness of disposition
10. lugubrious :arrow: very sad

Today’s Idiom

Take the wind out of one’s sails :arrow: to remove someone’s advantage
Although Edna was bristling* with anger when she stormed in, I took the wind out of her sails by voicing my own displeasure at the way she had been treated.

1100 Words, Week 20, Day 4

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