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1100 Words Week 25 Day 3 | Vocabulary for IELTS

1100 Words Week 25 Day 3

1100 Words Week 25 Day 3

New Words

congenial – hoard – sage – aegis – detriment

Words in Context

Taken for Granted
The presence of an ever-flowing supply of fresh, clean water is taken for granted. Unfortunately, this congenial condition is fast disappearing. As our population increases, as industry consumes more water each year, the level of our underground water supply sinks measurably. There is no way to hoard water; there are many ways to conserve it. During a particularly dry spell, New York City found its reservoirs going dry. Only then did the residents begin to heed the sage advice to limit the wasteful uses of water. Under the aegis of the Water Commissioner, citizens were encouraged to develop habits that would save water. The continued imprudent* waste by each of us of this most basic resource will work to the detriment of all.

Sample Sentences

Here’s your opportunity to use your new words.
1. Isn’t it a pity we can’t hoard the ideal days of autumn?
2. A man may be a sage everywhere, but at home he’s called a “square” by his youngsters.
3. The tree in front of my house has the dubious* honor of being the spot voted the most congenial by the dogs of the neighborhood.
4. It was fortuitous* that at the last moment the mayor offered the aegis of his office in finding a solution to the problem.
5. A settlement that causes detriment to neither side is imperative.*


Remember, words may have many synonyms.
6. congenial :arrow: sympathetic, agreeable
7. hoard (v.) :arrow: hide, store, accumulate
8. sage :arrow: wise man, philosopher
9. aegis :arrow: shield, protection, sponsorship
10. detriment :arrow: injury, damage, hurt

Today’s Idiom

In the doldrums :arrow: in a bored or depressed state
Mary has been in the doldrums since her best friend moved away.

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