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1100 Words Week 26 Day 1 | Vocabulary for IELTS

1100 Words Week 26 Day 1

1100 Words Week 26 Day 1

New Words

lethargic – prevalent – paramount – remiss – hostile

Words in Context

Informing the Public
Public opinion has an important place in a democracy. The public, often lethargic, is susceptible to a wide variety of influences. The most prevalent of these is the mass media. These communications media the press, radio, and television have a paramount position in initiating,* influencing, and shaping public opinion. Bearing this responsibility, the mass media are often accused of being remiss in their duty to inform the public. There has been a great deal of hostile comment leveled against these opinion molders.

Sample Sentences

Based upon your understanding of the new words as discovered from the context, place them in the spaces provided.
1. The audience became extremely hostile when the bigot* began to attack minority groups.
2. Long hair among boys is so prevalent today, there is no longer a prohibition against it in most schools.
3. We are all susceptible* to a lethargic feeling after a heavy meal.
4. A good politician seeks the paramount issue in his community.
5. We would be remiss if we overlooked the importance of the Internet to the interchange of ideas and information.


Matching words and definitions will prove you’ve learned them.
6. lethargic :arrow: lazy, indifferent, carefree
7. prevalent :arrow: prevailing, common, general
8. paramount :arrow: supreme, foremost
9. remiss :arrow: careless, negligent
10. hostile :arrow: antagonistic, angry

Today’s Idiom

To split hairs :arrow: to make fine distinctions
The mother and child spent a great deal of time arguing about the hair-splitting question of whether “going to bed” meant lights out or not.

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