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1100 Words Week 26 Day 2 | Vocabulary for IELTS

1100 Words Week 26 Day 2

1100 Words Week 26 Day 2

New Words

rebuke – aversion – evince – vogue – superficial

Words in Context

The Lack of Foreign News
The critics rebuke the press for the fact that most newspapers devote somewhat less than 10 percent of their news space to foreign items. In many hundreds of papers this falls below two percent. Why is there this aversion to foreign news? Newsmen claim that readers evince no interest in foreign affairs. In order to increase reader interest in foreign news, the vogue among editors is to sensationalize it to the point of distortion. Many other papers do only the most superficial kind of reporting in this area.

Sample Sentences

Insert the new words in these sentences.
1. The female aversion to mice is considered absurd* by boys.
2. After a superficial examination of the injured motorist, the doctor said that hospitalization was imperative.*
3. Many a husband has been given a rebuke for having imbibed* too fully at an office party.
4. Youngsters often do not evince any curiosity about the lives of their parents or grandparents.
5. Good manners are always in vogue.


Match the new words with their definitions.
6. rebuke (v.) :arrow: criticize, reproach, reprimand
7. aversion :arrow: strong dislike, opposition
8. evince :arrow: show plainly, exhibit
9. vogue :arrow: fashion
10. superficial :arrow: on the surface, slight

Today’s Idiom

To strike while the iron is hot :arrow: to take an action at the right moment
As soon as John heard that his father had won in the lottery, he struck while the iron was hot and asked for an increase in his allowance.

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