1100 Words, Week 4, Day 7


Wordsearch  4

Using the clues listed below, fill in each blank in the following story with one of the new words you learned this week.

Want to Run for Office?

, we have seen the phenomenon of politicians retiring in record numbers. When interviewed, many of them admitted that they had lost their taste for the job because of the abuse to which an __________ for office is subjected.

“My last was a __________ affair in which my opponents did everything to __________ my record and air __________ charges about my ,” said one congressman. “I don’t have to stand still for such treatment,” he added, “which was terribly to me and my entire family.”

Citizen groups, the candidates’ mudslinging, have sought to do something about the situation. Committees have been formed in a number of states to study ways to the tone of the process, reduce the , and eliminate the __________ of name calling that is generated as election day draws near.

Unless we this mess,” said the of an caucus, “we will lose the best and the brightest from the . After all, who but a masochist wants to be a , the subject of daily in the media, and a target for every in town?”

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