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1100 Words, Week 5, Day 3

1100 Words, Week 5, Day 3

  • English Vocabulary Class
  • Coursebook: 1100 Words You Need to Know
  • Date of Class: May 29, 2016, from 9:00 to 10:00 pm (Iran)
  • Use the audio player below to listen to the podcast of this vocabulary class which is based on the text below.

New Words


Star Player Is Caught
The cheating scandal came to a head when Art Krause, our football captain, made the egregious mistake of getting caught cheating
on a midterm exam. If Art were suspended for his part in that sordid* affair, our chances for winning the city championship would go up in smoke.* The distraught coach asked the principal to overlook Art’s duplicity, but Mr. Dorsey replied in an acrimonious fashion that the players had been given ”a plethora” of athletic instruction but a paucity of moral guidance.”

Sample Sentences
Use the new words in the following sentences.
1. The bank teller’s __________ error was difficult to correct.
2. We tried to ignore her __________ comments, but that took considerable restraint.
3. __________ is the stock in trade of all adroit* counterspies.
4. Although it was a creative writing class, the teacher complained about the __________ of talent there.
5. The soldiers were __________ to learn that their furloughs had been canceled.

Match the new words with their meanings.
6. egregious ____ a. scarcity
7. distraught ____ b. cunning, trickery
8. duplicity ____ c. mentally confused, crazed
9. acrimonious ____ d. remarkably bad
10. paucity ____ e. bitter

Today’s Idiom
to pass the buck: to evade responsibility (the “buck” may have been a piece of buckshot passed from one poker player to another to keep track of whose turn it was to deal)
He always gives me a straight answer and never tries to pass the buck.


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