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1100 Words, Week 6, Day 2

1100 Words, Week 6, Day 2

1100 Words, Week 6, Day 2

Coursebook: 1100 Words You Need to Know

Use the audio player below to listen to the podcast of this vocabulary class which is based on the text below:

New Words


Patent Pending
My buddy Verne, a precocious automotive wizard, and I were inspired to do some inventing on our own. We thought it might be feasible* to park a car parallel to a space on the street. Then, by pressing a button, we could raise the four tires off the ground
slightly, while dropping two special wheels perpendicular to the curb. It would then be child’s play to roll into the narrowest of parking spaces. We took the idea to Ed Greene who runs the Ford agency in order to elicit* his reaction. After a perfunctory glance
at our plans, to our chagrin Ed snorted that our idea was inane,* but we decided that he was just jealous of our brilliance. Tomorrow we are going to start on a computer that will enable us to measure the intelligence of perverse automobile dealers who like to deride
the efforts of junior geniuses.

Sample Sentences
Use the clues above to help find the proper words.
1. The children in Shakespeare’s plays are so __________ that they all sound like grandparents.
2. Edith gave only __________ attention to the new millennium, skipping our New Year’s Eve party.
3. The Wright brothers didn’t become distraught* when a skeptic would __________ their work.
4. When I correct my kid brother’s math errors, he is __________ enough to insist that he is right.
5. To the __________ of many taxpayers, some citizens seem to cheat the government with impunity.*

Match the new words with their meanings.
6. precocious ____ a. done without care, superficial
7. perfunctory ____ b. reaching maturity early
8. chagrin ____ c. feeling of disappointment, humiliation
9. perverse ____ d. contrary, persisting in error
10. deride ____ e. to ridicule, scoff* at

Today’s Idiom
red-letter day: day of happiness, time for rejoicing (holidays are red-letter days on our calendars)
My red-letter day came when I was chosen as senior class president.

Thank you for your attention. ? 

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    Dr. Hariri

    Would you rather be happy yet slow-witted and unimaginative, or unhappy yet bright and creative? For instance, would you rather live the life of a brilliant yet tortured artist, such as Vincent van Gogh, or that of a happy but carefree soul who is a bit simple-minded?

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    I prefer to challenge this question at first and bring up my viewpoint next.
    There are different successful people in the world who reached the apex through different procedures. Although some have faced torture to reach their goals, it does not mean we have to necessarily lose something in our life to climb the ladder of success. Anyway, I suppose the most enjoyable part of life is making progress and relying on your abilities to flourish and thrive. So, I personally go for intelligence and innovation rather than happiness along with naivety. Many people have lived an ordinary life so far and repeating this story can never excite me at all. We need to gain new adventurous experiences and foster our abilities so as to break out of comfort zone.

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