1100 Words, Week 7, Day 1

1100 Words, Week 7, Day 1

1100 Words, Week 7, Day 1

New Words


Much Ado About a Haircut

Perhaps you read about our school in the newspapers? We were one of the first to have a showdown on the topic of long hair for boys. Two honor students, Ron Harris and Len Chester, were sent to the principal by their French teacher, an implacable foe of nonconformists, who went into a paroxysm of anger when she spied the boys in the hall. At first it seemed like a simple case. The school would reprimand* the boys for their reprehensible appearance and order them to cut their hair or be suspended. But the boys’ parents decided that the school had overstepped its jurisdiction; they took their case to the newspapers. What had started as a local skirmish now began to take on the appearance of a full-scale war.

Sample Sentences
Use the new words in the following sentences.
1. The detective was implacable in his search for the murder weapon.
2. Saying that it was beyond his jurisdiction, Judge Klein refused to rule on the case.
3. In a paroxysm of rage, the tenant stormed out of the landlord’s office.
4. The precocious* boy enjoyed an intellectual skirmish with his elders.
5. The brash* student was forced to apologize for her reprehensible conduct.


Match the new words with their meanings.
6. implacable ➡ cannot be pacified, inexorable
7. paroxysm ➡ a fit, a sudden outburst
8. reprehensible ➡ worthy of blame
9. jurisdiction ➡ power, range of authority
10 skirmish ➡ small fight, brief encounter

Today’s Idiom

a famous law case or controversy
It was a minor dispute, but the ambitious lawyer sought to turn it into a cause célèbre.

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