1100 Words, Week 9, Day 1

1100 Words, Week 9, Day 1

1100 Words, Week 9, Day 1

? Study this recorded class.

? New Words


? Words in Context

Just Spell the Name Correctly
P. T. Barnum, the great circus impresario, was once accosted* by a woman who showed him a scurrilous* manuscript about himself, and said that unless he paid her, she would have the book printed. Barnum rejected the extortion attempt. “Say what you please,” he replied, “but make sure that you mention me in some way. Then come to me and I will estimate the value of your services as a publicity agent.” Barnum obviously felt that adverse criticism was an asset for a public figure. A man who seeks the limelight should not care what is written about him but should be concerned only when they stop writing about him. Barnum’s philosophy suggests that we might do well to review the plethora* of publicity given to rabble-rousers and bigots.

? Sample Sentences

 Use the new words in the following sentences.
1. When the business manager was accused of extortion, his colleagues sought to oust* him from the firm.
2. The eminent* brought many cultural spectacles to our shores.
3. Attacked by the irate* crowd, the asked the police for sanctuary.*
4. President Clinton hoped to be an in his wife’s campaign for the U.S. Senate position.
5. It was excruciatingly* painful for the actors to read the adverse reviews that their performances had received.

✅ Definitions

 6. impresario ➡ one who presents cultural series, organizer
7. extortion ➡  getting money by threats
8. adverse ➡ unfavorable, harmful
9. asset ➡  a valuable thing to have
10. bigot ➡ a narrow-minded, prejudiced person

? Today’s Idiom

 to ➡ to give away a secret
Although he was naturally reticent,* when the felon* was intimidated* by the members of the rival gang, he spilled
the beans.

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