1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 1, Day 1

New Words: , , , steeped,

Reading Wisely
The youngster who reads voraciously, though indiscriminately, does not necessarily gain in wisdom over the teenager who is more selective in his reading choices. A young man who has read the life story of every eminent athlete of the twentieth century, or a coed who has steeped herself in every social-protest novel she can get her hands on, may very well be learning all there is to know in a very limited area. But books are replete with so many wonders that it is often discouraging to see bright young people limit their own experiences.

Sample Sentences
On the basis of the above paragraph, try to use your new words in the following sentences. Occasionally it may be necessary to
change the ending of a word; e.g., indiscriminately to indiscriminate.
1. The football game was __________ with excitement and great plays.
2. The __________ author received the Nobel Prize for literature.
3. My cousin is so __________ in schoolwork that his friends call him a bookworm.
4. After skiing, I find that I have a __________ appetite.
5. Modern warfare often results in the __________ killing of combatants and innocent civilians alike.

Now that you have seen and used the new words in sentences, and have the definitions “on the tip of your tongue,” try to pair the words with their meanings.

  1. voracious ____ a. of high reputation, outstanding
  2. indiscriminate ____ b. completely filled or supplied with
  3. eminent ____ c. choosing at random without careful selection
  4. steeped ____ d. desiring or consuming great quantities
  5. replete ____ e. soaked, drenched, saturated

Today’s Idiom
to : to admit your error and apologize
After his candidate had lost the election, the boastful campaign manager had to eat humble pie.

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8 thoughts on “1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 1, Day 1”

  1. The meaning of steeped can not be recognized thoroughly. I can not find a meaningful relation between what is suggested on this page as the meaning of steeped and the definition in Cambridge dictionary.

    1. Steeped in something ➡ preoccupied with something, be intrigued or interested in something excessively, be obsessed with something

      1. Thanks a lot
        But excuse me again. i can’t understand that how can i hear these lessons.
        I want to listen each lesson of 1100 book (i.e. week 1 day 1 , week 1 day 2 and so on) and try to focus on vocabulary). I googled for a audio CD that read each lesson (whole text of a lesson not only five or six vocabulary) and looking for, but could’t find. (for listening)
        Can you help me for.
        Sincerely yours.

        1. Actually the content here is based on our real classes. We create 2 lessons per week. So you can subscribe to access our academic content.

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