1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 1, Day 3

It’s a Man’s World
How paradoxical that the world’s greatest chefs have all been men! Cooking would clearly seem to be a field that lies exclusivelywithin women’s realm, yet the annals of cookery are replete* with masculine names: Brillat Savarin, Ritz, Diat, Larousse. To compound the puzzle, there has rarely been a tinge of rumor or scandal casting doubts on the masculinity of these heroes of cuisine.

(*replete if you’ve forgotten the meaning, see page 1)

Sample Sentences
Try your hand now at using your new words by writing them in their correct form (change endings if necessary) in these sentences:
1. His gloom was now __________ by the failing mark on his geometry test.
2. The __________ of sports are replete* with the names of great black athletes.
3. One of the great __________ of American life is that though minority groups have suffered injustices, nowhere in the world have
so many varied groups lived together so harmoniously.
4. A __________ of garlic is all that’s necessary in most recipes.
5. The cruel king would not allow the prince to enter his __________, restricting him to the forest, which abounded* with wild animals.

(*abounded studied previously, see page 2)

If you are having trouble in picking the right definitions, it may be best not to do them in the order given, but to do the ones you are surest of first.

  1. paradox ____ a. a trace, smattering, or slight degree
  2. realm
    ____ b. a statement that at first seems to be absurd or self-contradictory but which may in fact turn out
    to be true
  3. annals ____ c. to increase or add to
  4. compound (v.) ____ d. historical records
  5. tinge (n.) ____ e. special field of something or someone; kingdom

Today’s Idiom
: promising at the start but then disappointing
The rookie hit many home runs in spring training, but once the season began he proved to be a flash in the pan.

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