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1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 2, Day 1

To the Point
, our thirtieth president, was named “” by reporters because of his laconic . One , after Mr. Coolidge had listened to an interminable* sermon, a throng of newsmen gathered around him. An intrepid accosted the : “Mr. President, we know that the sermon was on the topic of . What did the say?” “He was against it,” the reticent Coolidge replied.
(*interminable, see page 4. Each review word will be followed by an asterisk you will find the first use of the word by the
at the back of the book.)

Sample Sentences
Use the new words in the following sentences:
1. His speech was usually rambling, but this time I found it brief and __________.
2. If a should __________ you, keep on walking.
3. Even under repeated questioning, the witness remained __________.
4. A howling __________ of teenage girls surrounded the rap artists.
5. The corporal received the Silver Star for his __________ deeds in .

Match the new words with their dictionary meanings.
6. laconic ____ a. expressing much in few words
7. throng ____ b.
8. intrepid ____ c. to approach and speak to
9. accost ____ d.
10. reticent ____ e. silent

Today’s Idiom
any (a king seated one of his subjects underneath a sword that was hanging by a hair, in
order to teach him the dangers a king faces)

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