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  • 1100 Words You Need to Know
  • Vocab Class:
  • Coursebook: 1100 Words You Need to Know
  • Session: Week 2, Day 5
  • Review

Keep adding to your vocabulary, as it is one of the most useful tools a student can possess. Let’s go over the twenty new words and four idioms you studied during this week.
In the following quiz, match the best possible definition with the word you have studied. Write the letter that stands for that definition in the appropriate answer space.

Review Words Definitions
____ 1. accost         a. uncommunicative
____ 2. adroit         b. enthusiastic
____ 3. avid         c. alert
____ 4. cajole         d. overabundance
____ 5. enhance         e. courageous
____ 6. fabricate         f. to greet first
____ 7. felon         g. an excuse
____ 8. furtive         h. unlucky
____ 9. gesticulate         i. angry
____ 10. hapless         j. criminal
____ 11. intrepid         k. basic, elementary
____ 12. irate         l. clever
____ 13. laconic         m. to make up a lie
____ 14. nuance         n. great number of people
____ 15. plethora         o. concise, pithy
____ 16. pretext         p. to use lively gestures
____ 17. reticent         q. shade of difference
____ 18. rudimentary         r. sly
____ 19. throng         s. coax, wheedle
____ 20. vigilant         t. to make greater

____ 21. the sword of Damocles         u. an expensive conquest
____ 22. Pyrrhic victory          v. spoilsport
____ 23. a wet blanket         w. defy an opponent in his home
____ 24. to beard the lion         x. any threatening danger

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