1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 2, Wordsearch 2

Using the clues listed below, fill in each blank in the following story with one of the new words you learned this week.

The Best Laid Plans
Gloria Rogers overslept and then had to to catch the same Greyhound Bus that she boarded on the last Thursday of every month. After a three-hour ride, she finally arrived at the where a was ready to transport bus passengers to Visitors Day at the State Penitentiary.
Although Gloria tried to act casual, she was more than a little nervous. Her , Art, a convicted __________, had managed to the prison’s hospital on the __________ of having a attack. Under her own slacks and bulky , Gloria was wearing a set of clothes that she removed in the hospital bathroom and passed on to Art. He planned to use them after making his escape in the back of the prison ambulance that was parked outside his .
Art had spelled out his escape plan during Gloria’s last visit, spending an hour trying to __________ her into being his . All that she had to do was appear to have a seizure. Then she would __________ a story about her while Art, with the smuggled clothes concealed under his prison , would of the ward during the excitement. Unfortunately for the schemers, a __________ hospital guard spotted Art climbing into the rear of the ambulance and quickly foiled the . The result was that Art had three years added to his and Gloria was imprisoned for her role in the .

2nd Day
3rd Day
4th Day
3rd Day
3rd Day

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