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1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 3, Day 2

The Is Quicker Than the Eye
Slippery Eddie, the infamous pickpocket, was back at work, and every had to be especially .* Eddie’s technique was to jostle a toward a who would then slip the man’s out of his while Eddie was stammering an apology to the confused dupe. Within a week the incipient crimewave came to an end when Slippery Eddie chose the chief of police for his victim. Although Eddie loathes* Sing Sing, it’s his address now.

Sample Sentences
Can you put the new words in the right sentences?
1. By , we stopped the __________ from spreading.
2. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was referred to as an __________ deed.
3. The __________ consented to buy the often-sold .
4. When he attempted to __________ the , she struck him with her umbrella.
5. Through an __________ error, the guided sped out of control.

Match the new words with their meanings.
6. infamous ____ a. having a bad
7. jostle ____ b. just beginning to exist
8. dupe (n.) ____ c. to hard
9. incipient ____ d. a person easily tricked
10. inadvertent ____ e. , not

Today’s Idiom
to : to the majority
The secretary’s motion that we for lunch carried the day, and we headed for the restaurant.

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