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1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 3, Day 3

There was an ominous when the jittery rose in court. He explained in a tremulous voice what had led him to
repudiate his made at the on the night of the crime. The audience began to buzz excitedly until the demanded a cessation of the noise. Although the bristled with anger, the defendant kept insisting that his rights had been violated because he had not been told that he could see a lawyer before confessing.

Sample Sentences
Fit the new words into the blanks.
1. After the had seen the __________ clouds, he prognosticated* rain.
2. The general attempted to __________ the of the , claiming that the young officer was not an authority on low level bombing.
3. Upon seeing the snake, the cat began to __________ with fear.
4. The widow’s __________ hands revealed her .
5. The __________ of the bombing in Yugoslavia was urged by the .

Match the new words with their meanings.
6. ominous ____ a. a stopping
7. tremulous ____ b. to reject,
8. repudiate ____ c. stiffen with fear or anger
9. cessation ____ d.
10. bristle (v.) ____ e. quivering

Today’s Idiom
Skid Row: disreputable part of town, inhabited by derelicts and people “
The presence of so many bars has turned our into another Skid Row.

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