1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 3, Day 5

  • 1100 Words You Need to Know
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  • Coursebook: 1100 Words You Need to Know
  • Session: Week 3, Day 5
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The word “review” means “to view again” and that is the purpose of our weekly review. You will have noticed, of course, that many of the words that appear as new words are repeated in subsequent lessons. Sometimes they are in the paragraph, sometimes in the sample sentences, and occasionally in the idioms or directions. This continued emphasis on “viewing again” will help you to become familiar with the vocabulary.
In the following quiz, match the best possible definition with the word you have studied. Write the letter that stands for that definition in the appropriate answer space.

Review words Definitions
____ 1. bristle           a. despise
____ 2. caustic           b. menacing
____ 3. cessation           c. evil
____ 4. condolence           d. a pause
____ 5. dupe           e. just starting
____ 6. euphemism           f. trembling
____ 7. inadvertent           g. to have one’s hair stand up
____ 8. incipient           h. stinging
____ 9. incongruous           i. earthly
____ 10. infamous           j. due to an oversight, negligent
____ 11. jostle           k. make a specific demand
____ 12. lackluster           l. to push, to elbow
____ 13. loathe           m. an easily fooled person
____ 14. mundane           n. expression of sympathy
____ 15. ominous           o. to scold severely
____ 16. reprimand           p. seize
____ 17. repudiate           q. having inconsistent elements
____ 18. stipulate           r. disown, refuse to accept
____ 19. tremulous           s. lacking brightness
____ 20. wrest           t. saying something in a less direct way

____ 21. crocodile tears           u. run down district
____ 22. to carry the day           v. hypocritical sympathy
____ 23. Skid Row           w. to win the honors
____ 24. to go up in smoke           x. end fruitlessly

Now check your answers on page 306. Make a record of those words you missed. You can learn them successfully by
studying them and using them regularly in speech and in your writing.

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