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1100 Words You Need to Know Week 31 Day 4

 Week 31 Day 4

1100 Words You Need to Know Week 31 Day 4

New Words

dissentferment – attenuated – arbiterincumbent

Words in Context

The People Decide
The place of propaganda in a milieu* that is not free differs from its place in an . In a there is no . Those who dissent from the ((the opinion that a government states officially)) may do so only in a clandestine* manner. Where there is no open ferment of ideas, the possibility of discerning* the true from the spurious* is attenuated. In a , the inevitable* arbiter of what propaganda is to be permitted is the people. It is each citizen to choose between competing propaganda while remaining cognizant* of the value for a in the existence of all points of view.

Sample Sentences

Insert the new words in these sentences.
1. It is incumbent on us to be zealous* in combating the deleterious* effects of drugs.
2. With each generation it becomes the vogue* for the youth to be in a state of ferment.
3. The gist* of his ominous* suggestion was that we dissent from the .
4. The strength of her appeal was attenuated by the flamboyant* embellishments* for which many had a strong aversion.*
5. The is our ultimate arbiter of legality.


Always be cognizant* of the fact that words are used in the paragraphs and sentences with only one meaning. They often have many others. Look up the word incumbent for a good example.
6. dissent (v.) ➡ differ, disagree, protest
7. ferment ➡ uproar, agitation, turmoil
8. attenuated ➡ weakened, thinned, decreased
9. arbiter ➡ judge
10. incumbent (adj.) ➡ morally required

Today’s Idiom

To get the sack ➡ to be discharged or fired

Despite the fact that he was so obsequious* toward the boss, he got the sack because he was lethargic* about doing his job.

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