1100 Words You Need to Know Week 37 Day 3

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 Week 37 Day 3

1100 Words You Need to Know Week 37 Day 3

New Words

Words in Context

The Mind’s Secrets
The study of the and behavior has had many prominent practitioners, but no one is more revered* than . An Austrian physician, he is said to be the father of . He taught that man has a in which he keeps repugnant* memories that come to the surface surreptitiously* and motivate behavior. Man often tries to rationalize his actions, when, in reality, they are really the result of suppressed memories coming to the surface. Freud’s approach to the disturbed person was to attempt therapy by examining the dreams that make cognizant* what the cause of the illness might be. Only with the airing of deleterious, buried emotions can the person move from the nascent stage to that of . Freud was considered an iconoclast in the field of when his ideas first appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Sample Sentences

Insert the new words in these sentences.
1. The iconoclast was in favor of jettisoning* one of the traditions that had become an intrinsic* part of his life.
2. In order to complete the therapy, the doctor said a trip to a warm, dry climate was mandatory.*
3. Complacent* people are difficult to motivate to altruistic* actions.
4. It is pathetic* the way some citizens rationalize their apathy* during election years.
5. His beard was in its nascent state; it would soon be a hirsute* masterpiece.


Match the new words with their definitions.
6. motivate: inspire, stimulate, provoke
7. rationalize: use or give a reason other than the real one
8. therapy: healing or curing process
9. nascent: beginning to exist or develop
10. iconoclast: image-breaker, attacker of beliefs

Today’s Idiom

A square peg in a round hole: an able man in the wrong job
It was a bitter pill to swallow* when they had to fire him because he was a square peg in a round hole.

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      1. Many thanks for your kind considerations.
        According to the text, the author says that man has a subconscious mind in which he keeps repugnant* memories, in additions according to Dr. C. Demacro’s article who explains differences between conscious (%10), subconscious or pre-conscious (50-60%) and unconscious(30-40%), there are three types of memories.

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