1100 Words You Need to Know Week 39 Day 2

1100 Words You Need to Know Week 39 Day 2

1100 Words You Need to Know Week 39 Day 2

New Words


Words in Context

The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys
The international adventure stories prevalent on television follow meticulously a plot that is inexorable in its development. Those on the side of law and justice face perfidious men and organizations. These are anathema to those values the staunch heroes would defend. These infamous men have no capacity for compassion, and they treat the lovely women with opprobrium. The intrepid heroes are placed in deleterious situations as a result of the Machiavellian maneuvers of their opponents. One unconscionable act of duplicity follows another until the total destruction of the “good guys” seems at hand. At the last moment, usually amidst the pandemonium of a battle, the cause for which the heroes strive triumphs. However, evil is ubiquitous, and next week another fracas will erupt.

Sample Sentences

Insert the new words in these sentences.
1. The coach heaped opprobrium upon the fledgling ball player.
2. We are ready to rationalize Machiavellian activities on the part of our side if they are to the detriment of our adversary.
3. It was unconscionable to Abraham Lincoln to keep a book he had borrowed without making tenacious efforts to return it.
4. There was pandemonium as the presidential nominee entered the convention site.
5. She is such a staunch friend, my reprehensible actions do not cause a schism between us.


Match the new words with their definitions.
6. staunch: strong, trusty, firm
7. opprobrium: scorn, insult
8. Machiavellian: governed by opportunity, not principled
9. unconscionable: without conscience, unreasonable
10. pandemonium: disorder, uproar

Today’s Idiom

Through thick and thin: in spite of all sorts of difficulties
He decided to stick with his fairweather friends through thick and thin.

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