1100 Words You Need to Know, Week 4, Day 5

  • Session: Week 4, Day 5
  • Review

Let’s see how many of the new words studied during the course of this week you remember. Incidentally, try to keep a record of the many times you find your new words in magazines, newspapers, and books. Before you knew the meanings of those words you probably skipped right over them.

In the following quiz, match the best possible definition with the word you have studied. Write the correct letter in the appropriate answer space.

Review Words Definitions

____ 1. Alacrity         a. scorn

____ 2. aspirant        b. to make afraid

____ 3. belligerent        c. frantic outburst

____ 4. belittle        d. person of eighty

____ 5. brash        e. to mock

____ 6. castigate        f. make public, proclaim

____ 7. disdain        g. pretense, sham

____ 8. dregs        h. combative

____ 9. feint        i. candidate for better job

____ 10. frenzy        j. seeking war, hostile

____ 11. intimidate        k. speak of as unimportant

____ 12. laceration        l. vulgar, using indecent language

____ 13. Octogenarian         m. insolent

____ 14. promulgate        n. punish, chastise

____ 15. pugnacious        o. comfort

____ 16. scoff        p. most worthless part

____ 17. scurrilous        q. able to be touched

____ 18. solace        r. rough cut

____ 19. sordid        s. filthy, ignoble

____ 20. tangible        t. quick willingness



____ 21. to throw down the gauntlet        u. be the boss, lay down the laws

____ 22. feeling no pain        v. under the influence of alcohol

____ 23. Hobson’s choice        w. to offer a challenge

____ 24. to rule the roost       x. to have no say in a matter.

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