504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 16

504 Absolutely Essential Words LELB Society

| Lesson 16

504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 16

Words in Context

  1. slender: long and thin; limited; slight
    a. Carlotta’s slender figure made her look very feminine.*
    b. There was only a slender chance that you could conceal* the truth.
    c. The slender thief was able to enter the apartment through the narrow window.
  2. surpass: do better than; be greater than; excel*
    a. The machines of the twentieth century* surely surpass those of earlier times.
    b. Most farmers believe that rural* life far surpasses urban* living.
    c. It is undeniable* that a cold lemonade in July cannot be surpassed.
  3. vast: very great; enormous*
    a. Daniel Boone explored* vast areas that had never been settled.
    b. Our campus* always seems vast to new students.
    c. Vast differences between the two sides were made clear in the debate.*
  4. doubt: not believe; not be sure of; feel uncertain about; lack of certainty
    a. Scientists doubt that a total cure for cancer will be found soon.
    b. The question of whether he could survive* the winter was left in doubt.
    c. We don’t doubt that the tradition* of marriage will continue.
  5. capacity: amount of room or space inside; largest amount that can be held by a container
    a. A sign in the elevator stated that its capacity was 1100 pounds.
    b. The gasoline capsule* had a capacity of 500 gallons.
    c. So well-liked was the prominent* speaker that the auditorium was filled to capacity when he began his lecture.
  6. penetrate: get into or through
    a. We had to penetrate the massive* wall in order to hang the mirror.
    b. Although Kenny tried to pound the nail into the rock with a hammer, he couldn’t penetrate the hard surface.
    c. The thieves penetrated the bank’s security* and stole the money.
  7. pierce: go into; go through; penetrate*
    a. My sister is debating* whether or not to get her ears pierced.
    b. I tried to ignore* his bad violin playing, but the sound was piercing.
    c. Halloran violently* pierced the skin of his rival,* causing massive* bleeding.
  8. accurate: exactly right as the result of care or pains
    a. Ushers took an accurate count of the people assembled* in the theatre.
    b. Emma’s vision* was so accurate that she didn’t need glasses.
    c. In writing on the topic,* Vergil used accurate information.
  9. microscope: instrument with a lens for making objects larger so that one can see things more clearly
    a. The students used a microscope to see the miniature* insect.
    b. Young Jonas Salk wanted to get a glimpse* of things he couldn’t see with just his eyes, so his father bought him a microscope.
    c. Using a microscope, the scientist was able to probe* into the habits of germs.
  10. grateful: feeling gratitude; thankful
    a. The majority* of pupils felt grateful for Mr. Ash’s help.
    b. We were grateful that the gloomy* weather cleared up on Saturday.
    c. In his letter, Waldo told how grateful he was for the loan.
  11. cautious: very careful; never taking chances
    a. Be cautious when you choose your opponent.*
    b. Good authors are cautious not to exaggerate* when they write.
    c. If the rain is falling in torrents,* it is best to drive cautiously.
  12. confident: firmly believing; certain; sure
    a. Judge Emery was confident he could solve the conflict.*
    b. When he lifted the burden,* Scotty was confident he could carry it.
    c. Annette was confident she would do well as a nurse.

504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 16

504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 16

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