504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 23

504 Absolutely Essential Words LELB Society

| Lesson 23

504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 23

Words in Context

  1. reptile: a cold blooded animal that creeps or crawls; snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators, and crocodiles
    a. The lizard is a reptile with a very slender* body.
    b. Reptiles are kept in the museum’s large hall.
    c. A crocodile is a reptile that is more nimble* in the water than out of it.
  2. rarely: seldom; not often
    a. You rarely hear adults raving* about a movie they just saw.
    b. People are rarely frank* with each other.
    c. I rarely attend the annual* meetings of our family circle.
  3. forbid: order someone not to do something; make a rule against
    a. Spitting on the floor is forbidden in public places.
    b. The law forbids drunken drivers to handle their autos.
    c. I forbid you to enter the dense* jungle because of the peril* which awaits you there.
  4. logical: reasonable; reasonably expected
    a. It is logical to spend a minimum* on needless things.
    b. In order to keep your car running well, it is only logical that you lubricate* it regularly.
    c. I used a logical argument to persuade* Lester to leave.
  5. exhibit: display; show
    a. A million dollar microscope* is now on exhibit at our school.
    b. The bride and groom exhibited their many expensive* gifts.
    c. Kim frequently* exhibited her vast knowledge* of baseball before complete strangers.
  6. proceed: go on after having stopped; move forward
    a. Only those with special cards can proceed into the pool area.
    b. When the actor was late, the show proceeded without him.
    c. The senator proceeded to denounce* those wholesalers* who would deprive* Americans of their quota* of beef.
  7. precaution: measures taken beforehand; foresight
    a. Detectives used precaution before entering the bomb’s vicinity.*
    b. We must take every precaution not to pollute* the air.
    c. Before igniting* the fire, the hunters took unusual precaution.
  8. extract: pull out or draw out, usually with some effort
    a. Dr. Fogel extracted my tooth in an amateur* fashion.
    b. Chemists extracted the essential* vitamins from the grain.
    c. Spencer was ingenious* in extracting information from witnesses.
  9. prior: coming before; earlier
    a. Prior to choosing his life’s vocation,* Paul traveled to India.
    b. Myrna was unhappy prior to meeting her beau.*
    c. Samson had been a strong man prior to having his hair cut.
  10. embrace: hug one another; a hug
    a. After having been rivals* for years, the two men embraced.
    b. When Ellen’s spouse* approached,* she slipped out of Doug’s embrace.
    c. The young girl was bewildered* when the stranger embraced her.
  11. valiant: brave; courageous
    a. Robin Hood was valiant and faced his opponents* without fear.
    b. The valiant paratroopers led the invasion.
    c. Grandma Joad had the ability* to be valiant when the need arose.
  12. partial: not complete; not total
    a. We made a partial listing of the urgently* needed supplies.
    b. Macy’s had a sale on a partial selection of its winter clothes.
    c. Using only a partial amount of his great speed, Jim Ryun surpassed* all the other runners.

504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 23

504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 23

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