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An English Vocabulary Lesson – Week 4, Day 6

  • Session: Week 4, Day 6
  • Review


(From Week 4)

Underline the word that makes sense in each of the sentences below.

  1. We were the new maid because she cleaned the house with (alacrity, solace).
  2. All (aspirants, lacerations) for the must come to practice today.
  3. Once he was a millionaire, but today he can be found among the (dregs, octogenarians) of society.
  4. The newspaper in printing the (, brash) details of crime in the city.
  5. After finding the (pugnacious, tangible) evidence in his drawer, Roger took it to the police.
  6. The normally (scurrilous, belligerent) was unusually quiet this morning.
  7. Bobby, who was , always (belittled, castigated) his own achievements.
  8. (frenzy, disdain) by his , Artie grew closer to his .
  9. When the results of the bar exam were (intimidated, promulgated) Adele saw that she had passed handsomely.
  10. I (scoff, feint) at Hank’s stories of the fish he had caught, but he made a believer out of me.

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