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Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl’s Biography

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl has a Ph.D. degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch in Tehran. I’m the creator and administrator of LELB Society, which is an online learning community to practice English academically. I have been teaching English to the blind in the Ministry of Education. I have also been teaching English on my website for seven years. I am the co-author of the course book, . I am the inventor of Visual Braille System.

I’m a professional blogger, podcaster, and a YouTuber with numerous YouTube subscribers all across the world. I have created and published hundreds of original English lessons on my YouTube and Aparat channels.

Official Publications

  1. Coursebook: Essentials of Practical Writing
  2. Article: Peer-Assessment and Student-Driven Negotiation of Meaning: Two Ingredients for Creating Social Presence in Online EFL Social Contexts

The writer, typesetter and designer of the coursebook: Essentials for Practical Writing


The Inventor of Hariri’s Writing System


From the Minister of Education


Top Researcher and Student


For Organizing Extracurricular Activities


Top Student in MA Studies

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Study my English lessons on my YouTube channel.

Study my quotes in English.

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    Dr. Hariri

    Would you rather be happy yet slow-witted and unimaginative, or unhappy yet bright and creative? For instance, would you rather live the life of a brilliant yet tortured artist, such as Vincent van Gogh, or that of a happy but carefree soul who is a bit simple-minded?

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    I prefer to challenge this question at first and bring up my viewpoint next.
    There are different successful people in the world who reached the apex through different procedures. Although some have faced torture to reach their goals, it does not mean we have to necessarily lose something in our life to climb the ladder of success. Anyway, I suppose the most enjoyable part of life is making progress and relying on your abilities to flourish and thrive. So, I personally go for intelligence and innovation rather than happiness along with naivety. Many people have lived an ordinary life so far and repeating this story can never excite me at all. We need to gain new adventurous experiences and foster our abilities so as to break out of comfort zone.

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