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English Essay 43: Online Intimacy

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  • English Essay 43
  • Topic: Psychologists warn people that social dating online cannot be a very good substitute for real intimacy among the young. Explain about your idea on the position of online social dating (online intimacy) in comparison to real intimacy in outside world.

The Essayist: Sam

In the new era of technology, people are severely engaging in its outcomes, namely the internet day in-day out. The internet as a deceivingly virtual space has been employed by the vast majority of young people, in particular. It is widely believed that real intimacy does not have any substitute regarding being friendly and establishing good rapport amongst the young. This will be proven by considering lack of thrust through hiding one’s true-self as well as lack of exchanging feelings and emotions in individuals’ real lives.

To begin with, social dating online is on rise unfortunately, but, interestingly this aspect of the internet is regarded as a deceiving virtual space. For instance, the young put a mask upon their face so as to hiding their own true personality and maybe their weakness they might have. This phenomenon can weaken the level of trust and the reputation of this sort of intimacy which is so common these days; however, this atmosphere because of disloyalty among the loved has been gradually overshadowed by online intimacy.

Being aware of the dire consequences of online intimacy can open peoples’ eyes to its detrimental effects instead of real intimacy in outside world. For example, dating in a tranquil ambiance in the nature with a real person can give them real experience. This example clearly shows individuals can share their pure feelings in such a unique atmosphere and diminish their negative emotions in person. This helps them to recharge their battery simultaneously with the help of both a real friend and the nature they walk in.

After analysing lack of trust and genuine emotions in online intimacy, this is proven that social dating online should be substituted by real intimacy which is so worthwhile based on the needs of today’s world for young people.

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