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English Podcasts for IELTS Preparation


English podcasts can help you tremendously to improve your English on your own.

The podcasts on our YouTube channel are embedded in the growing posts of LELB Society.

Our YouTube videos are also accessible on our Aparat channel.

The growing collection of our podcasts includes:

  1. 504 Absolutely Essential Words 
  2. 1100 Words You need to Know
  3. For and Against, and advanced reading coursebook in English
  4. IELTS Speaking Test Samples
  5. English Negotiations
  6. English Presentations on instructive subject matter

Our podcasts are recorded and archived on LELB Society so that you could rely on them independently as a comprehensive self-study source of information. However, you are always welcome to use the comment forms both on our and LELB Society to leave your questions and receive professional feedback immediately.

To receive our upcoming podcasts, it is strongly recommended that you subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Aparat.

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