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English Tours in Iran LELB Society

in Iran

English Tours in Iran organized by in partnership with official tour agencies in Iran provide you with this exceptional opportunity to practice English, particularly the oral skills, in natural settings and in face-to-face interaction with the tour leader, Dr. Hariri, the creator of LELB Society, and the other participants of our tours, namely English students, teachers, translators, interpreters, and the like.

Our English tours in Iran are arranged by licensed tour agencies in Iran on the weekend in places, such as public parks, gardens, mountains, hills, and the like. LELB Society and official tour agencies and leaders in Iran work hard collaboratively so that you could enjoy practicing English in nature and create nice memories that will last forever.

The Upcoming English Tour

  • Session 24
  • Topic: Social Media
  • Time: Friday, Mehr 6, 1397, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Iran’s Standard Time)
    • You can stay longer in the garden as you wish.
  • Location: Tehran Birds Garden
    • Postal Code in Persian:  اتوبان شهید بابایی، لاین کندرو (بعد از شهرک امید)، خیابان کوهستان، باغ پرندگان تهران
    • Please click here to access the Google Maps for this location.
    • Some photos of the location

English Tours in Iran LELB Society Tehran Birds Garden 2

English Tours in Iran LELB Society Tehran Birds Garden 3


Tour Leader Faezeh Khosravi LELB Society

The Activities of This English Tour

  • An excursion to Tehran Birds Garden alongside a detailed description of the birds in English by our tour leader, Faezeh Khosravi
  • An informed discussion on the assigned topic: “Social Media”
  • Taking collective photos and videotaping some part of our discussion with your prior consent
  • Catering: ice cream, drinks, and club sandwiches
  • A souvenir from Tehran Birds Garden

Some Questions:

  1.  do you use social media for communication?
  2. What changes does  internet communication tools bring to your life?
  3. Are you  the emergence of online channels of communication in your life?
  4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of .
  5. Is social networking  more  or ?
  6. How can  social networking ?
  7. How can social networking platforms  to entrepreneurs?
  8. How can you overcome an addiction to social media?

Some Useful Links

  1. IELTS Listening Practice on Social Media
  2. An English Presentation on Social Media
  3. An IELTS Essay Sample on Internet Communication


We might need to contact you.

Follow LELB Society on social media (Telegram channel, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Aparat) to access some photos and videos of our previous English tours.

To access the archive of our previous English Tours in Iran, explore this category.

English Tours Activities

In each session, we focus on a challenging, informative, interesting and thought-provoking topic. To see some of our selected topics, review the forum of our Challenging Questions in English.

Some part of our informed group discussions might be videotaped and archived in the category of English Tours in Iran. However, you might perfectly opt for not being present in our caught pictures or recorded films.

English Tours Regulations

The educational and academic dimensions of our English tours, including  holding the discussions, teaching English materials, distributing handouts or leaflets, are managed by Dr. Hariri, the creator of LELB Society. However, non-educational considerations, namely your road safety, transportation, catering, accommodation, etc. will be fulfilled by professional tour agencies and leaders that are officially licensed.

You must be, at least, an intermediate learner of English to be able to attend our educational activities because all of our tasks, including registration process, recreational activities, and especially our group discussions, must be undertaken in English. In other words, you are NOT permitted to speak Persian or any other languages in our English tours.

Our English tours exclusively pursue educational and recreational objectives within the framework of English, and any other irrelevant intentions will strongly be condemned and frowned upon.

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English Tours in Iran LELB Society Sample 2English Tours in Iran LELB Society Sample 1

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    I prefer to challenge this question at first and bring up my viewpoint next.
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