Essay 23:

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August 24, 2015

The principle of “The Survival of the Fittest” considers that some people are more possible to survive than others through the imbalances of power between individuals, races, and nations. However, this topic has negative implications for most people because they consider it a rejection of compassion and social responsibility. In my opinion, humans are subject to the forces of natural selection just like any other species in the wild.
Initially, Researchers analysed data on economic status, births, deaths and marriages. They examined four natural selection factors named survival to adulthood, mate access, mating success, and fertility. To illustrate, differences in heredity and fertility are responsible for most of the variation in fitness, even among wealthy individuals. Also, researches show that monogamy did not limit the potential for natural selection.
Moreover, human behavior cannot be understood without taking both biology and culture into account. Besides, changes in the environment could produce physical changes in the individual that would be passed on to future generations. Meanwhile, biological inheritance is one of the important keys as well as environmental factors in determining character and intelligence.
In the last part, there are several things that potentially threaten our species with extinction such as global climate changes, poor resource management, global epidemics, etc. For example, humans usually are very good at consuming resources such as water and fossil fuels. The problem comes when human cannot replace resources at the same rate that they are consumed.
In conclusion, humans continue to be affected by both natural and sexual selection. According to above reasons, some individuals are able to survive better. (264 word, 55 min)

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August 25, 2015

It is a natural behavior for animals to try to be alive in wild life.I personally believe that it is far from human that they behave indirection to be survival of the fittest.

Firstly, these days most people’s actions depend on mind and sense. Therefore, they help other people. In fact, people used to be strict in the past. Since one king had numerous power and he thought he was god, he ordered then weaknes people mostly died very soon under his presser .Fore example, organizations such as Unisef is a symbol of the sense of responsibilities upon weaker people.

Secondly, after years people find it difficult to do their jobs lonely and the tendency to have teamwork environment shows that people help toghether to get effective results. In fact, individuals from weaker to stronger do some part of tasks. All in all, all of them help to eachother to achieve their goals. Thus, this shows this behavior is in front of survival of the fittest.

Finally, animals have limited abilities and they have no chance to try to be alive even if they must kill weaker creatures. Due to the fact that people are creative, they discover better way to be alive themselves as well as their peers. Cultivation, industries, minings and many others are fruitful methods to help people to efectively make their lives. If animals knew about these way, they would behave kindly and won’t kill eachother.

In conclusion, animals are survival of the fittest because of their limited abilities ,but I personally believe that this behavior is far from human because they have sense and sensibility,mind, strong emotions and creativity ability.273 -35 minutes

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August 26, 2015

Today’s world has been refilled with immense advanced rules and regulations, most of which are implemented for the weak even in pioneer countries, the strong become stronger and the poor become significantly poorer. Some believe that the sole attribute of The Survival of the Fittest is human beings, however, it is refuted by others. This will be analysed prior to coming to an informed conclusion.
Many hold the theory that many countries take action upon their own interest and benefit or their relatives besides their own valuable and treasured rules. In Asia, in Iran as an example, the Establishment is dead keen on taking steps in multiplying their prosperity in every situation even in court. They undermine every strong and vital rule against poor people on occasions such as taking a low interest loan, running a lucrative bossiness and establishing a successful relationship with internationally great organizations. On other occasions, the authorities manipulate some situations upon their creativity by behaving unprofessionally on some unwritten rules for their benefit as if there are no firm structures and rules. Thus, it is clear why some people gravitate towards this theory.
In some developed countries, nonetheless, the majority of authorities do the same about their financial or other aspects of life exactly according the unwritten rules which are so appreciated by those are in high rank. For instance, in the USA, the number of gunmen assassinating other poor people has increased day-in day-out. The level of security, in all dimensions, in all walks of life for the better off people soared up into an unimaginable level even though that does not exist in the face of the earth. Therefore, some exclusive groups experience the best level of real satisfaction and happiness.
To conclude, the idea of ‘The Survival of the Fittest” is so practical for describing any society that is governed by those paying close attention to whatever they want instead of invaluable rules. Unfortunately, it is felt that the best way to show this anarchy in any community is the phrase (The Survival of the Fittest) that it is so appropriate. (Words: 349 time: 53 min)

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