Essay 5:

Topic: Unwanted teen pregnancy may be prevented through improved education. Discuss it.

Essayist: Taraneh


Unwanted teen pregnancy may be prevented through improved education and parental control. Unplanned pregnancy among young women in their twenties can affect women in any races, educational or income levels. Pregnancy is the most reason that causes teenagers to give up school. Teen mothers are less likely to attain high school after birth again and less than 2 percent of them complete school by age of 30. As regards to prevent these disaster teenagers need to have complete accurate information about abstinence, condom and contraception. Because nowadays you can’t prevent them from having sex through ethical ideology in schools, so they need to learn the way to protect them from any diseases or pregnancy. (114 words)
Parents need to control their teenagers too. They need to warn them about the result of unprotected sex and tell them how to prevent it. Some parents can keep their children by moral or religious believe that they have in their homes. But sometimes it doesn’t work and they need to offer them birth control instead of exiling them or cutting their expenses to punish them. Because these are not the right manner, unfortunately, it’s so common in under developed countries. Therefore we see so many teenage girls who escape from their home, and stay poor for the rest of their life. (102 words)

Essayist: Sam

Undoubtedly, parental control can hinder as a great controller for teenagers who are really want to know or experience thing differently. These teenagers are really curious to try everything. In this case, in developing countries such as Britain, well-informed parents with high awareness might manipulate both situations and the personal characteristics of their own child carefully and continually. The knowledgeable parents seem treat their children in an open approach in which children would be permitted in some public places not obligatory, but based on freedom and interest individually. Of course, it is not an easy task to handle it well. (Words:100)
Well-organised curriculum, nevertheless, can prevent some immoral behaviours, in particular unintended teen pregnancy that are likely to spread in any society. In the U.S.A, for instance, the young are taught through some skills in which relation and sexual issues are discussed. This can help to diminish the rate of unintended pregnancy meaningfully. During those courses, they have time for talking, sharing and even negotiating for personal experiences. They learn academic ways of relationship and other related issues in detailed fashion deeply. In addition, talking amongst the peers give them confidence to analyse each other’s problem without sense of any fear. (Words: 100)

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