Reply To: Mary and Max Movie Analysis in Film Criticism Course


Mary and Max is an animated movie, which is not suitable for children or young people because its main purpose is not to make us laugh. The movie is full of dark comedy and satire with so much exaggeration, and for this reason, some scenes tend to be repulsive.
The main point of the film is a huge paradox in today’s life. Max was living in New York, one of the most densely populated cities in the entire world. Yet, he didn’t have any friend! The film discreetly portrays the major issue of people in large cities who are desperate for companionship, which is a big irony!
What’s worse is that even Mary and Max could not meet each other in the real sense of the world. The film has a pretty down-to-earth ending. Despite being so saddening, I particularly liked the ending. This is pretty much the same thing we deal with in the real world.


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