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Reply To: The Croods Movie Review in Film Criticism Course Forum

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For nearly a decade, I’ve always wanted to critique The Croods produced back in 2013. The intended message is so profound and useful. I found some lessons and messages that are like great quotes to me. For example, “follow the light”, “change the rules that keep you in the cave / dark”, and some others.

We are taught that we should tackle our irrational fears or phobias that block our progress or happiness in life. Also as Eep put it, surviving and living are not interchangeable as some people who are overwhelmed by fear simply try not to die, while they are fooled that they are alive.

In addition, curiosity is a valuable trait that should be practiced, and irrational fear is its enemy. For this reason, everything new is NOT necessarily bad as misunderstood by Eep’s father. His conservative personality made him repeat the same story over and over again, spoiling the household’s mood every night.

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