IELTS Essay on Science vs. Art

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    Some people believe that, between science and art, the former carries more importance to lead a better life. Others, nevertheless, hold quite the opposite idea.
    To which group of people do you belong. Bring reasons to support your claim.
    Note. If one side of the argument is taken, you should argue for the other side.

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    Although art can exert influence in the culture and history of a nation, I suppose that science exceeds art in importance, when it comes to handling your life.

    These days, science paves the way for many development. To be more elaborate, healing different illnesses, for example, needs manufacturing novel medicines and inventing new equipment in order to cure diseases. In other words, public health, which is the backbone of humans’ life, requires intermittent effort in science. Moreover, there are a plethora of dangers which jeopardize humans. For instance, global warming certainly put humans on the verge of extinction and the only remedy is digging into science in order to find better strategies for the rest of life. Therefore, it is undeniable that human beings cannot continue their life without being under the shelter of science.

    Furthermore, it is easier to make money if you have specialties in science. In fact, there are different fields relevant to science that can help you to get hired in a company and make progress. For example, when it comes to engineering science, there exist a lot of of firms such as, petrochemical companies, aerospace organizations, etc., which have many vacancies for the people who have experience and competence in science. Believe it or not, today, when it comes to the university field, a personal interest is not the only parameter and students should be alert enough about the businesses which are active according to their fields. Nevertheless, I suppose that science is included deeply in various businesses and it is more facile to handle your life as per scientific fields.

    To wrap it up, it is understandable that art is valuable, however it seems to me that science takes precedence over art for having a better life.

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    Mor Gracious

    Some people believe that science is more important to lead a better life while others have faith in art as a rescuer of human beings. I personally believe in art as a better leader in creating the life better. Here are some of my reasons to support my idea.

    Although science has a key role in making our life more comfortable by inventing new gadgets but when it comes to morality, it couldn’t distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, we are witnessing that the science could help life to be more comfortable as much as help it to get more disastrous. It could increase the lifespan of a society as much as commit the genocide of the same society. In order to sum it up, science is a powerful tool that could be exploited by the autocratic governors whether in a good manner or not.

    On the other hand, art is all about veracity, beauty and humanity. There are several examples of artists who have been fought against war or ruthlessness in the world. So many songs has been sung till now. So many expressions of sympathy has been raised among people around the world having a variety of different cultures and traditions.

    At the end, I suppose science is beneficial to make progress, but it is more similar to a car without a driver which could end up in any direction. While the progress of science is inevitable, the role of art is crucial to guide it into the right path which culminates in a better life.

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