Improving vocab skills

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    Hajar Aziz Zanjani

    How we can improve our word power dramatically and permanently?

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    Thanks for raising this question. First of all, you cannot improve your vocabulary permanently because many new words are coined day in, day out.
    But if you are determined to expand your word knowledge, you should be consistent in this ongoing journey.
    Using illustrated flashcards can provide you with this exceptional opportunity to activate both of your brain hemispheres simultaneously. You can also try to use the words you’ve recently learned in one way or another. A perfect way to do so is interacting with your language partner verbally and in a written form.
    Keeping a vocabulary journal is always recommended as well to keep track of your new words and review them from time to time.

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    Hajar Aziz Zanjani

    Thank you for your guidance. Also thanks for design English flashcards with picture and related words, really they are very useful for learn and review.

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    You’re so welcome.

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