Free Persian Class on Discord – for non-Persian speakers

Free Persian Class on Discord

Free Persian Class on Discord

We offer free Persian / Farsi classes in our Discord server at LELB Society. The LELB Society’s Discord server is specifically designed for language learning. Our Discord server, with hundreds of active members all across the world, allows learners to speak Persian or Farsi in a dedicated chat room and ask questions. In the Persian chat room, it is possible to chat and practice with other people, especially native Persian speakers.

Advantages of Persian classes at LELB Society

1- Free Persian classes are held every day for half an hour. People who are members of our Discord server can take these classes.

⏰ Class Time

Every night, from 10:00 to 10:30 pm – Iran Standard Time – Check Iran’s time here.

Click here to learn more about Online Farsi Classes.

2- In these classes, all four language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking, are reinforced and practiced naturally and simultaneously.

3- Most of the Persian language courses are about the needs of students in social life and everyday topics.

4- Unlike other Persian language training centers, which rely mostly on textbooks, our Persian resources at LELB Society are based on the needs of language learners with completely original content that enhances all language skills. The educational resources have been prepared and compiled by the faculty and experienced staff of LELB Society.

5- All language learners at all levels have the opportunity to participate in these classes. The subject of the lesson of each session is already specified and the learners can prepare themselves to participate in the class.

6- The free Persian class is recorded as a video podcast and archived in the growing category of our Persian lessons and classes so that the learners can use them to review and learn better.

7- Talking about the subject in class to practice fluency, practicing reading and writing, learning new words on a daily basis with flashcards and examples are some of the things that make learning Persian very easy and natural for non-Persian speakers.

8- Interacting with other learners has a good effect on the development of language skills, especially conversation for non-Persian speakers.

Contact us to register for our online Farsi classes taught by native Persian speakers.

LELB Society offers special online classes both group and private, for your children and even young children. You can test all of our online Persian courses for free and sign up if satisfied.

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