Brainstorm: Verb

brainstorm LELB Societybrainstorm (MENTAL STATE) /ˈbreɪn.stɔːm/ US /-stɔːrm/
noun [C]
1. UK INFORMAL a sudden state of being unable to think clearly:
I must have had a brainstorm – I went shopping and forgot to take any money.

2. US FOR brainwave

brainstorm (SUGGEST) /ˈbreɪn.stɔːm/ US /-stɔːrm/
verb [I or T]
(of a group of people) to suggest a lot of ideas for a future activity very quickly before considering some of them more carefully:
The team got together to brainstorm (the project).

brainstorming /ˈbreɪnˌstɔː.mɪŋ/ US /-ˌstɔːr-/
noun [U]
We need to do some brainstorming before we get down to detailed planning.
We’re having a brainstorming session on Friday.

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