Either: Determiner / Conjunction

neither nor LELB Society /ˈaɪ.ðəʳ/ /ˈiː-/ US /-ðɚ/
Unfortunately I was sitting at the table with smokers on either side of me.
either (CHOICE) /ˈaɪ.ðəʳ/ /ˈiː-/ US /-ðɚ/
determiner, pronoun, conjunction
used when referring to a choice between two possibilities:
Either candidate would be ideal for the job.
“Do you prefer pork or beef?” “I don’t like either.”
“Would you like the metal or plastic one?” “Either will do.”
You can get there by train or bus – either way/in either case it’ll take an hour.
We can either eat now or after the show – it’s up to you.
Either you leave now or I call the police!

either (ALSO) /ˈaɪ.ðəʳ/ /ˈiː-/ US /-ðɚ/
used in negative sentences instead of ‘also’ or ‘too’:
I don’t eat meat and my husband doesn’t either.
“I’ve never been to the States.” “I haven’t either.”
They do really good food at that restaurant and it’s not very expensive either.

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