Sensitive: Adjective

sensitive LELB Society/ˈsent.sɪ.tɪv/ US /-sə.ţɪv/ adjective
1. easily influenced, changed or damaged, especially by a physical activity or effect:
Some people’s teeth are highly sensitive to cold.
2. Sensitive equipment is able to record small changes:
The patient’s responses are recorded on a sensitive piece of equipment which gives extremely accurate readings.
3. easily upset by the things people say or do, or causing people to be upset, embarrassed or angry:
Her reply showed that she was very sensitive to criticism.
4. A sensitive subject, situation, etc. needs to be dealt with carefully in order to avoid upsetting people:
Sex education and birth control are sensitive issues.
5. understanding what other people need, and being helpful and kind to them:
Representatives of the company claim their plan will be sensitive to local needs.

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