How to Register at LELB Society and Become a Student

How to register at LELB Society for premium lessons and online classes or join our team members

How to register at LELB Society?

Contact us for registration or cooperation

Services and fees

Please go to homepage to learn about our services and fees.

1- Create an account

 Log in with Google, Facebook or Twitter

Do NOT try to log in with username / email and password.

2- Activate your account

After logging in to your account for the first time, you will see the Account Pending error. Contact us to give us your Gmail address that you used to log in.

Account Pending at LELB Society

3- Registration coupon

Contact us and give us your registration coupon if you have any to get a special discount on your registration fee.

Bank account information

  • Bank card owned by: Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl – محمد حسین حریری اصل
  • 16 digits on the bank card: 6037-9971-6136-1069
  • شماره شبا : IR560170000000301429397002
  • شماره حساب : 0301429397002

Access all premium lessons

To access all lessons, first log in to your activated account, then click on all lessons and select any lesson that grabs your attention. You can also use the drop-down menu in the header of the site to access all of the lessons in categories.

Make money by inviting your friends

Invite your friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. with your unique 6-digit coupon to register at LELB Society, and receive 50% of their fees immediately.

All lessons in categories

Use the drop-down menu on the top of the website to access thousands of premium lessons in English or Farsi with podcasts, flashcards and comment forms.

Study all lessons in categories at LELB Society

Go to next page for more lessons

Use the pagination menu on archived or search result pages to access more lessons.

Pagination at LELB Society

Search for almost everything

Use our intelligent search form and built-in photo dictionary in the header area to locate English / Persian words, phrases, idioms, expressions, etc.

Intelligent search form at LELB Society

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