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IELTS Class on Discord

IELTS Class on Discord

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Selected text

Octopuses and other cephalopods may use their ink to distract, confuse and paralyze their predators. This mucus mixture may even block officious gills, causing the fish to suffocate. If an octopus cannot escape its own ink, its respiratory system may be compromised, causing the octopus to suffocate and die.

Octopuses are masters of mimicry and camouflage. They can trigger cells just underneath the surface of their skin to change color. The cells, called Chromatography, contain sacs of pigment that can turn various shades within milliseconds. Some octopuses, such as the common octopus, can also imitate textures. They can warp small segments of their skin, called Papillae, to match textured environments.

Species, like the mimic octopus, are able to not only camouflage themselves but also manipulate the shape of their bodies to impersonate other animals. Their wily mimicry along with many other curious characteristics are just a few reasons why octopuses are captivated creatures of the deep.

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