learn Persian letters easily by using “keyword”

learn Persian letters easily

by using “” –

learn Persian letters easily

Learning Persian letters starts with easy-to-trouble letters. Each word is divided into smaller sections so that learners can easily recognize the sounds of letters in each of the smaller units. A tutor can use “keyword” for the teaching of the new Persian letters.

Images and shapes that contain the keyword are used for better and easier learning. In this way, learners understand and learn better new letters and words. There is a shape associated with the “keyword” in the image and learners are guided to find and tell the “keyword” themselves by asking appropriate questions about “keyword”.

Then the “keyword” text format is shown to learners. According to the “keyword” features, learners will be able to read the “keyword” with the help of the letters that they have already learned. The learners are asked what form the voices and the letters are already learned in the new word before, and what form of the voice has not been learned so far. So, the form and the voice of the “new letter” in the “keyword” is indicated for them. After the learners met with a few words similar to the keyword, they get familiar with the sound and form of the new letter. the way of writing the new letter on the writing line is taught by showing the learners how to move the hand for writing a new letter.

Features of the “Keyword”:

You can pay attention to the following features in the selection of “keyword” for learning new Persian letters:

  • The concept of the “keyword” should be clear and obvious to learners. For this purpose, you can use the words that learners face in their everyday lives.
  • You should notice that only one unfamiliar letter be used in the “keyword” and the new letter marked with a different color than the rest of the letters.
  • It is better the new letter be used at the end of the “keyword”.

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