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offers you an all-in-one educational package to practice the 4 skills for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, essay writing, conversation and speaking, vocab and grammar, listening and reading , and so on.

What this video on Aparat.

Listen to Posts to practice listening

Listening Practice

As a member you can listen to over 1500 posts while reading them to improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation. In fact, LELB Society talks to you.

Learn English vocabulary in context

Vocabulary in Context

Learn English vocabulary in context with over 2,000 carefully illustrated flashcards in the posts for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and the like.

504 Absolutely Essential Words LELB Society

From 504 Essentials Words

1: abandon: desert; leave without planning to come back; quit
a. When Roy abandoned his family, the police went looking for him.
b. The soldier could not abandon his friends who were hurt in battle.
c. Because Rose was poor, she had to abandon her idea of going to college.
2: keen: sharp; eager; intense; sensitive
a. The butcher’s keen knife cut through the meat.
b. My dog has a keen sense of smell.
c. Bill’s keen mind pleased all his teachers.

1100 Words You Need to Know LELB Society

From 1100 Words

The international adventure stories prevalent on television follow meticulously a plot that is inexorable in its development. Those on the side of law and justice face perfidious men and organizations. These are anathema to those values the staunch heroes would defend. These infamous men have no capacity for compassion, and they treat the lovely women with opprobrium. The intrepid heroes are placed in deleterious situations as a result of the Machiavellian maneuvers of their opponents. One unconscionable act of duplicity follows another until the total destruction of the “good guys” seems at hand. At the last moment, usually amidst the pandemonium of a battle, the cause for which the heroes strive triumphs. However, evil is ubiquitous, and next week another fracas will erupt.

See English terms or collocations in other contexts.

See more examples of English terms

 hard parents and children  consolidate the affinity between each other, the concept of has always been perceived. However, there has been  whether generation gap has recently widened or narrowed  the past. What is your the of generation gap ?

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Ask us English questions.

Leave your questions in the interactive comment forms right below +1500 posts, or simply join our organized forums. We immediately respond to your questions.

Practice Pronunciation via Voice Messaging - LELB Society

Pronunciation Practice

Read out some selected text on the website and leave us voice messages for our in-depth analysis to perfect your pronunciation in the most practical way ever.

Academic Credentials

  • Over 1,500 academic posts
  • Over 3,700 comments in the posts
  • Over 2,100 flashcards in the posts
  • Over 430 podcasts in the posts
  • Over 12,000 collocations in the posts
  • Over 860 members and subscribers
  • And the numbers are increasing…

How to become a member

How to become a member?

  1. Register at LELB Society in less than a min.
  2. Expect to receive an email from us about your account activation.
  3. Log into your account and try all the above-mentioned services for 24 hours.
  4. If satisfied, join the other 867 members (so far) for only 75.000 Tomans or 10$ USD per month.
  5. Enjoy 2 100% free sessions of our group IELTS & TOEFL class on Discord during your monthly membership.

Become a member for free.

Become a member for free!

Group & Private Classes

Group IELTS and TOEFL class

Other Services except Membership

  1. Private classes
    • 200.000 Tomans per hour
    • The first session is FREE.
  2. Group IELTS & TOEFL classes
    • 60.000 Tomans per hour
    • The first session is FREE.
  3. IELTS essay writing correction service
  4. IELTS speaking test (IELTS interview) with correction and scoring
    1. 150.000 Tomans for each interview
  5. Writing assistance for academic tasks and projects
    • 250.000 Tomans for every 500 words
    • Personal statement, statement of purpose, edition, thesis proposal, thesis, translation, resume, CV, etc.
  6. Teach any languages online
    • Make money for yourself.
  7. Publish your articles online
    • Free

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