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English Classes Regulations

Please study our English classes regulations carefully before your classes:

  1. Do NOT call Skype groups or chat in them. The groups are active only during the class time.
  2. Do Not invite any other person to our Skype groups without informing us in advance.
  3. Before starting the class, disable your VPN connection as Skype has major conflicts with any proxy program.
  4. Your atmosphere must be completely quiet. Remember that your room changes to a real class.
  5. Put on headphones in your class to prevent the echo of voices.
  6. When you do not speak, press the Mute Button to block the stream of sound from your side. When you are ready to speak, unmute your microphone as shown in this photo:
  7. English Classes Regulations
  8. Close down all the other irrelevant internet-based programs, particularly your downloads.
  9. Disable your webcam because our main concern is to have high-quality voice.
  10. Never raise any political discussion or argument in your class.
  11. Take equal turns at speech. Let your classmates talk, too.
  12. If you’re not going to participate in the following session, inform us in advance.
  13. If you disregard our English classes regulations, you will be removed from our classes.

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