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Class Features

The Advantages of our English Vocabulary-Grammar Class:

  1. Learning a lot of English words, collocations, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, proverbs, expressions, grammar points, etc.
  2. You will read the texts of the coursebooks one by one. Your mispronunciations while reading will be corrected by the teacher, and in so doing, you can improve your speaking and pronunciation.
  3. In our IELTS & TOEFL class, it will be attempted to meet all of your English academic needs, including pronunciation, word knowledge, conversation and speaking ability, writing practice, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and so forth.
  4. In each lesson, at the bottom of the corresponding page, there are some questions in the blue comment form. The questions are on the basis of the content of the current unit of either 11oo Words You Need to Know or English Grammar in Use. By answering these additional questions, you can expand your learning.
  5. The other members of the site can also respond to these additional questions or even raise their own questions and leave them in the blue comment form.
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