Online Teachers at LELB Society with Resumes

Online teachers at LELB Society

Online teachers at LELB Society

Contact our online teachers who are listed below alphabetically.

Hajar Aziz Zanjani

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Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl

Dr. Hariri - LELB Society

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Sara & Aydin

Sara & Aydin Persian Teachers at LELB Society

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Zahra Pourbagher

Zahra Pourbagher - Persian Teacher at LELB Society with Resume

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How to join our online teachers

To be listed in our directory, please give us the following information. The fields with an asterisk are required.

To become a teacher at LELB Society, you should first join our team and have a username.

Simply submit the following information to us via the Comment form below, which is only accessible to our team members. Contact us if you like to join our team.

You can practice teaching and marketing at the same time, and double your income. That is to say, we give you back 50% of the students’ fees who are invited by you with your unique 6-digit coupon.

As a teacher, you MUST be active on a weekly basis. Otherwise, your account is deleted and all of your content will be attributed to LELB Society’s Authors. In other words, you should publish your original teachings or articles written by yourself (minimum number of words in each article = 300) once a week that are showcased in your own resume. For more information, check our teachers’ resumes above.

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