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Practice English individually with thousands of podcasts, flashcards and free English lessons, or improve your English in interaction with hundreds of other members on LELB Society.

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IELTS Preparation Course

Private Classes in English LELB Society
Private Classes in English

Private Classes in English

  • Based on your proficiency level, needs, goals, and even personality
  • Based on the best teaching methods and coursebooks
  • Each session = 25 $
  • With free evaluation and educational counseling
Write or Edit Your Essays and Articles LELB Society
Write or edit your essays and articles.

Write or edit your essays and articles.

  • Let us write or edit your English essays, academic articles, thesis proposals, theses or dissertations, etc. 
  • Our professional writers and editors guarantee your satisfaction 100%.
  • Review hundreds of IELTS essays for Task 1 and Task 2 with corrective feedback.
Ask us your English questions LELB Society
Ask us your English questions.

Ask us your English questions

  • Join our English Questions forum and ask us any English questions you might have, e.g. grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, essay writing, IELTS, TOEFL, English for business, etc.
  • Join our English Questions forum, create a new topic, and leave your questions there. We’ll answer all of your questions professionally and immediately.
Publish English articles LELB Society
Publish your English articles.

Publish your English articles for free

lecture LELB Society
Submit your English lectures for free.
Practice Teaching English LELB Society
Practice teaching English online.

Practice teaching English online

Advertise Your Business
Advertise your business on LELB Society.

Advertise your business on LELB Society

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Download and Install Discord on your device.
Discord Classes LELB Society
Customize Discord for our classes.
Join our server on Discord LELB Society
Join our server for our classes.

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English Presentations LELB Society
English Presentations
IELTS Speaking Test Samples LELB Society
IELTS Interviews Samples

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Slide Main Menu LELB SocietyAccess hundreds of free English lessons with flashcards, podcasts, comment forms, footnotes and tags in various categories.

Subscribe to our newsletter at the website footer and practice self-study to become your own English teacher. 

Slide Flashcards in the Posts LELB SocietyUse the growing built-in LELB Society’s dictionary to learn English vocabulary with photos.

Follow LELB Society on Instagram to access our original flashcards uploaded as screenshots from our posts.

English Podcasts LELB SocietyListen to hundreds of original English podcasts embedded in the posts to improve your pronunciation and listening.

Watch and/or listen to our podcasts from our YouTube and Aparat channels.

Slide Comment Form LELB SocietyJoin our discussions in our interactive comment forms at the bottom of the posts to leave your questions and comments in interaction with others.

We will answer your English questions, such as vocab, grammar, essay writing, etc. immediately and professionally.

Slide Tag Area LELB SocietyFocus on thousands of technical tags and keywords that appear in the form of hyperlinks in our posts to improve your vocabulary and collocational knowledge.

It’s always better to see more examples of specific English words and phrases in a variety of contexts. 

Slide English Partners LELB SocietyFind your ideal English partner(s) to practice English with among our active members.

Narrow down your search in terms of your English partner’s country, age, gender, proficiency level, English style, etc.

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"Join our society and improve your English like nowhere else." --
"We make you independent of any other language institute." --
“Practice all the 4 skills for IELTS and TOEFL class in one single class.” --
"Join LELB Society to enjoy learning English in a friendly and motivational environment." --
"Opportunity seldom knocks twice. So, do not hesitate to join LELB Society." --
"LELBalization is essential for globalization." --
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