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Publish English Articles

Publish English articles on LELB Society and gain an international excellent reputation for authorship.

We guarantee that your articles and your name as the author will easily be found in the main search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., thanks to the worldwide popularity of LELB Society and our technical expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Your articles will be enriched with thousands of English flashcards and technical terms or tags that automatically appear in the body of your articles, thus increasing the readability of your articles, especially for ESL learners.

To publish your articles on LELB Society, please consider the following:

  1. Your articles must be educational, informative and academic by nature. To understand the essence of our intended English articles, please click here and review the growing category of our academic articles.
  2. You must join LELB Society with one click so that the readers of your articles would be able to contact you if necessary to obtain some information without our intervention.
  3. You must be the real author of the article you claim you have written. In other words, your works should be original.
  4. We exclusively publish articles in English and Persian.
  5. The minimum and maximum number of words used in your article should respectively be “200” and “1000”.
  6. You’ll automatically be added to the growing members of LELB Society’s team. 
  7. If we find your articles really interesting and useful for English learners, we’ll create  podcasts from them by referring to your name as the author and publish them on our YouTube and Aparat channels with thousands of subscribers. Consequently, your popularity and reputation will further be reassured.

Click here to see the growing archive of the English articles written by LELB Society’s authors.

Reviewing procedure

Your article will be published on LELB Society under your own name after being reviewed by our professional team. Reviewing procedure might take up to 3 working days.

Submitting your article

  1. Join LELB Society with one click. Then contact us and submit your article if it is just plain text.
  2. Join LELB Society with one click. Then email your article to us in a Microsoft Word (.docx format) if it contains pictures, graphs, etc.
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